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The DEI Discussions #TheAdvocateSeries | Promotion

Published date: 2023/06

The Dei Discussions Advocate Series How To Ask For A Promotion

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This is the final instalment of The Advocate Series: conversations that tackle some of the real issues in the workplace that hold us all back.

The final episode sees us cover Promotion. The three industry experts joining Nadia this time are:

- Tina Shata, Senior IT Analyst at TD Securities 
- Cecil Adjalo, Co-Founder and COO at Foundervine 
- Kenzy Goodwin, Managing Partner at Finceler8

Do you know how to ask for a promotion? Do you know what it takes to get a promotion? Would you know how to advocate for someone that is working towards a promotion?

Join Nadia, Tina, Cecil and Kenzy as they answer your most pressing concerns, and support your professional development.