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Improving Payments the World Over | FinTech Focus TV with Scott Lucas, Co-Founder & CCO at Monavate

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2023/06

Scot Lucas Fin Tech Focus Tv Blog Post Podcast

Joining Toby on this episode of FinTech Focus TV is Scott Lucas, Co-Founder & CCO at Monavate.

Monavate are committed to revolutionising global payments. Scott shares Monavate's vision for enhancing financial transactions worldwide through their cutting-edge tech solution.

The pair uncover the importance of relationships and Monavate's customer-centric approach to problem-solving. And we learn how their headquarters in Cambridge, with its renowned financial institutions, fosters growth and collaboration.

And Scott shares the challenges in the payments landscape, discussing Monavate's plans for a future orientated around efficient solutions. From credit markets to collaborations with insurance companies, discover how Monavate is shaping an efficient, innovative future.

Thank you Scott for joining us!