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The Power of Technology in Emerging Markets | FinTech Focus TV with Matt Kassel, COO and Brian Andreyko, CPO at Edgewater Markets

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/05

Edgewater Blog





​Joining Toby on the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV is Matt Kassel, COO and Brian Andreyko, CPO at Edgewater Markets.

In this episode, we explore product development and the journey of Edgewater, a leading liquidity and technology aggregation expert. Over the past 13 years, they have integrated these two areas, bridging the gap between people and technology.

Edgewater's main aim is to help their clients succeed and boost their brands using flexible and innovative technology. They provide advanced solutions that have helped them grow while also empowering their customers to thrive in a changing market. 

By collaborating closely with firms and understanding their unique challenges, Edgewater tailors their technology to solve specific problems and ensure a smooth experience for their clients. With a personalised approach and a diverse team, they deliver exceptional experiences to clients worldwide.

Join us as we explore Edgewater's journey, learn how they leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage, and understand their commitment to driving growth and success for both themselves and their clients.