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The DEI Discussions #WomenOfFinTech | Sanghmitra Adhage, OEMS Development Lead and Director at TS Imagine

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2023/05

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​Welcome back to The DEI Discussions #WomenOfFinTech. Today, Nadia is joined by the fantastic Sanghmitra Adhage, OEMS Development Lead and Director at TS Imagine. 

Sanghmitra shares her career journey, starting with her interest in technology during secondary school in Mumbai, India, and her subsequent experience working in software development in the UK for over 10 years. She celebrates the learning and challenges she has encountered in the finance and technology industry.

The conversation also focuses on the perception of women in technology and how to attract more women to the field. Sanghmitra highlights the need to introduce technology career options to school children.

As a hiring manager, she stresses the importance of unbiased recruitment processes based on skills and interests rather than gender or background. She also emphasizes the need for an inclusive and encouraging work culture that promotes diversity and provides opportunities for growth.

Thank you, Sanghmitra, for sharing your inspiring story!