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Bringing a Layer of Harmonisation to Data | FinTech Focus TV with Gonçalo Lima, Capital Markets Ecosystem Lead at R3

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/05

Goncalo Blog





Live from the FIX Trading Community EMEA Trading Conference at Old Billingsgate, Toby welcomes Gonçalo Lima, Capital Markets Ecosystem Lead at R3, to FinTech Focus TV.

The pair talk failures. Whilst success is plentiful in financial technology, we can't negate the shortcomings. And for Gonçalo, the failings don't lie in the technology but rather in governance.

The technology that has been created thus far is resilient and has built an exciting future — but regulation isn't quite following suit. Gonçalo shares what it will take to create an open and trusted economy that works to add value, and not be a hinderance.

Gonçalo brings to this episode a fascinating discussion on data harmonisation. Data management is yet to reach its full potential and so a critical focus for Gonçalo is ensuring all marketplace participants are able to effectively execute upon learns from the data.

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