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Account to Account: The Evolution of Open Banking | FinTech Focus TV with James Hickman, CCO at Ecospend

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/05

James Blog

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​Joining Toby on the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV is James Hickman, CCO at Ecospend.

We gain an exclusive look at a firm going from strength-to-strength: from their newly established partnership with HMRC and GOV.UK, to the industry-defining work they are doing to transform open banking.

Ecospend is driving an evolution in financial technology, one that surpasses even yesterdays innovation. So what can you do to be part of this change? How can you ensure you're not left behind?

For James, education and awareness are key to allowing for growth "into the new well-founded world". Ecospend are playing their role in ensuring more people aware of the use cases of open banking, and the real opportunity it presents.

Do you know the role you play in bettering the industry?