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The DEI Discussions #HumansofFinTech | Kieran Stewart, Global Head of Service Delivery, ITRS Group

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/04

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Joining Nadia live from FIX Trading Community EMEA Trading Conference for this episode of The DEI Discussions is Kieran Stewart, Global Head of Service Delivery for ITRS Group.

Volatility, disruption and variability appear to be synonymous with the trading space — and Kieran helps us explore the positive connotations of this environment. There is an exciting future on the horizon, and ITRS Group are at the fore of this.

But what will take this space to a new level?

Diversity: diversity of voices; diversity of input; diversity in leadership. To make the technology of the future a future-proof concept, it needs to reflect the inclusive landscape that is emerging. Making this a reality is not a straightforward task but for Kieran, it starts with looking critically at our talent acquisition strategies.

Thank you Kieran for joining us on the Humans of FinTech Podcast! Learn more about the FIX Trading Community and their upcoming events here: