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Investing in Exponential Technologies | FinTech Focus TV with Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull

Author: Alexandra White

Published date: 2023/04

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Joining Toby live from the FIX EMEA Trading Conference is an old friend of FinTech Focus TV: Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull.

With ChatGPT truly beginning to disrupt our day-to-day lives, Toby and Matt explore the history of chatbots and AI in financial technology. It isn't a new concept so why only now are people beginning to pay attention?

The pair go on to discuss exponential technologies. ipushpull has successfully been able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology adoption — and this isn't the result of a secret crystal ball. Matt shares how finance can ensure it is adopting the right technology, at the right time, and begin paving the way for an efficient, innovative future.

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