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Diversity and Inclusion: Why Women are core to the Future of Fintech

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2023/04


Our CCO and Co-Founder Nadia Edwards- Dashti was recently featured on the 'Takeaway By Digiseq' podcast to discuss the question 'Is the future of Fintech female? Find out why equality and diversity are so important?'

Nadia commented:

"We discussed Equity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the financial technology space. I learnt about Terrie's work in building more design and fashion-orientated objects as a service. I was inspired by both of their stories. And loved hearing about them look back to their early careers as they shared some of their experiences. I love hearing how powerhouses rose to their strength. It was such a privilege to share a recording studio with these two women!

It has spurred me on to do even more to bring more people from all backgrounds into this sector and to make this sector better for them."

Stream the full episode via the players above.

Contact Nadia today to hear more about her work for Diversity and Inclusion within the industry, here.