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Creating Value and Improving Business | FinTech Focus TV with Simon Dewsbury, Managing Partner at Zannogen

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2023/03

Simon Fftv Blog Thumnbail

Joining Toby on the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV is Simon Dewsbury, Managing Partner at Zannogen.

With a clear 2023 vision and exciting plans for his company, Simon offers us an exclusive insight into the development of solution-orientated Zannogen, and the work they are doing to enhance the growth of businesses globally.

As a consultancy, Simon holds a unique marketplace position, and so is able to offer us expansive commentary on the politics, success metrics and challenges of the business landscape- particularly apt for financial technology and recent industry upheaval.

Simon also shares insights on how growth-lead companies can improve operational efficiency, drive productivity and value through the use of data. Data and harnessing its abilities has been a topical subject across the marketplace- and one that will undoubtedly shape 2023. Tune into this episode of FinTech Focus TV and learn from Simon how can you stay at the fore of change and dynamism.

You can stream or watch the entire episode via your chosen platform below.