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Change is Happening | FinTech Focus TV with John Greenan, FIX Subject Matter Expert at Alignment Systems

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/03

John Greenan Blog

Joining Toby on this episode of FinTech Focus TV is John Greenan, FIX Subject Matter Expert at Alignment Systems.

Having joined us on FinTech Focus TV during the height of the Pandemic, we trace John's journey since, including his recent exciting appointment as Co-Chairman to the Continuous Markets Working Group at the FIX Trading Community.

Offering his informed industry commentary, John shares his thoughts on the evolving merge of traditional and decentralised finance; honing in on the learns we can take from the Crypto landscape. The global implications of this evolution are substantial, and it is a primary focus of John's to make this expansive market synonymous with trust and efficiency.

And we look at growth on micro-level, exploring John's thoughts on hiring and teams in the financial technology sector. The importance of trust is reiterated- and John shares the indisputable link team trust has to positive business results.​

Thank you to John for joining us on FinTech Focus TV! 

You can stream or watch the entire episode via your chosen platform below.