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Back to Billingsgate: FIX EMEA Trading Conference 2023 | FinTech Focus TV with Jim Kaye, Executive Director at the FIX Trading Community

Published date: 2023/03

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Ahead of this weeks FIX EMEA Trading Conference, Toby is joined by Jim Kaye, Executive Director at the FIX Trading Community, on this exclusive episode of FinTech Focus TV.

Following on from a highly successful series of events in 2022, the FIX EMEA Trading Conference returns to Old Billingsgate on Thursday 9th of March- with an agenda that is truly industry-leading!

Jim shares the community-driven approach that has influenced the themes and discussions of the day, honing in on some of the truly brilliant panels we can expect to see on the day.

The FIX EMEA Trading Conference has a unique ability to unite often fragmented and siloed industry sectors, showcasing the opportunities that collaborative work can equate to. The Conference will undoubtedly be a catalyst for exciting partnerships that will define the year ahead, and beyond!

Thank you Jim for joining us on FinTech Focus TV!

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Toby will be speaking on a panel at Thursday's event, and the Harrington Starr team will also be on-site to record episodes of FinTech Focus TV and The DEI Discussions. If you'll be at the Conference and would be keen to feature on either show, do get in touch:

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