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Lessons from an Incredible Year | FinTech Focus TV with Gavin Marcus, S&P Global

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/03

Gavin Marcus Blog

Joining Toby on this episode of FinTech Focus TV is Gavin Marcus, Head of Global Regulatory Reporting Sales Americas at S&P Global.

Gavin discusses his recent move to America to help S&P build a high-performance team, accelerating growth  in an ever-exciting region. S&P is brilliantly set to expand upon their 2022 successes, and their efforts to attract and retain the most exceptional marketplace talent will undoubtedly take them to that next level.

We're offered a masterclass in sales, with Gavin imparting his insights into a value-centric approach to expanding the reach of products, and cementing your position as an indispensable industry tool.

‘Every deal I sell I get excited, because I’m helping a client. And now I get to see that client get excited- and that for me is the big thing. By the end of the year they’re going to be really proud with what they’ve done, and then I know I’ve done my job.’

​And as a recent star in The Era of Convergence Documentary, Gavin is well-versed in discussing the future potential of the marketplace- and his excitement for this future is evident throughout the episode. The pair explore imminent partnerships, the development opportunities this will bring, and how this will influence the creation of a transformative 2023.

Thank you to Gavin for joining us on FinTech Focus! We look forward to seeing S&P go from strength-to-strength in 2023!

You can stream or watch the entire episode via your chosen platform below.