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The Future is Interoperability | FinTech Focus TV with Kate Chatzopoulos, Global Head of Operations Strategy at Symphony

Published date: 2023/02

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Having shared the stage at the FIX Americas Trading Conference, Toby and Kate reunite on this episode of FinTech Focus TV to discuss the ever-evolving nature of interoperability.

Starting with Kate's journey through the industry, we learn how she pivoted her professional approach to better seize the opportunities on offer in the technology space. Kate's career thus far has been fascinating and warrants an entire episode of its own!

We gain fantastic insights into recent exciting acquisitions that are transforming the space, understanding their value-driven nature and goal of removing industry friction.

Situated in the operations sphere, Kate holds a unique, holistic perspective of the marketplace, and truly understands the catalysts that will revolutionise financial technology. Toby and Kate explore the role interoperability will play in this; synonymous with collaboration and communication, interoperability will be pivotal in 2023.

Kate's excitement for the year ahead is palpable- and we can't wait to see the role Symphony will play in this industry revolution.

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