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The Recession is a Golden Opportunity to make Payments Great | FinTech Focus TV with Dante Siracusa, CPO at Carta Worldwide

Published date: 2023/01

Dante New Blog

Joining Toby on this episode of FinTech Focus TV is Carta Worldwide's Chief Product Officer, Dante Siracusa.

Carta Worldwide thrives through unrestrained global operations, and Dante guides us through the immense global footprint the company has developed that ensures they aren't limited by a siloed geography.

Such an expansive approach has placed them at fore of the changing face of payments. With a looming recession, the future may seem uncertain; but Dante walks us through his approach to the evolving landscape, painting a picture of the different types of financial institutions that will emerge during this period.

Whilst not all depictions of the future are glowing, Dante reveals what it will take from all in the payments space to ensure good prevails.

Toby and Dante also cover the volatility of digital currencies; the role of regulators in 2023; and how Carta Worldwide played an instrumental role in the development of Apple Pay.

Thank you Dante for joining us on the show!

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