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An Astonishing Global Success Story | FinTech Focus TV with Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2023/01

Mikael Lijtenstein Website Cover

Welcome to another episode of FinTech Focus TV, where today Toby is delighted to welcome Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay, to the show.

Toby and Mikael's conversation speaks to all aspiring software engineers out there, no matter where you are on your journey; this episode brings a host of insights, exploring problem-solving solutions, technology tips, how to be authentically user-centric, and subsequently, how to satisfy user needs.

As a leader in the space, Mikael shares his route and impressive journey to date, including how he climbed the corporate ladder in such a short space of time. We also gain his expertise on the thought process behind Marketing and Sales, and how to overcome challenges in a large, fully remote business.

This is a great episode to kickstart the year, as we hear what is in store for Astropay in 2023.

Stream or watch the full episode below.