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Nadia's Women of FinTech Podcast | Emma and Robyn of Seven Consultancy

Published date: 2022/12

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We explore a different side to the FinTech marketplace on this episode of The Women of FinTech Podcast, as Nadia is joined by Emma Harvey, Founder, and Robyn Margetts, Managing Director, of Seven Consultancy.

As a PR and Communications firm, Seven Consultancy work with industry-leading market participants to elevate their brand, establishing them as respected businesses and thought leaders in the space.

Seven Consultancy came to the marketplace with disruption in mind. They disbanded the old PR model, committing themselves to working with clients on a closer basis, getting to better know the people behind the brand. And it is this that has truly allowed the team to pave a new communications model in the FinTech space.

Emma and Robyn discuss the centrality of people in the ever-growing FinTech space. By placing the people driving the innovation at the heart of PR releases of the likes, Seven Consultancy are changing perceptions and understandings of what it means to work in the financial technology sector. Through this, crucial diversity of thought is allowed to thrive and is not hidden behind overly-polished text and graphics that overshadows individuality.

Thank you Emma and Robyn for this masterclass on PR and Communications- and for walking the talk with us on The DEI Discussions.

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