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Nadia's Families of FinTech Podcast | Barbora Juhaszova

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2022/12

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Welcome to another episode of The Families of FinTech. Today, Nadia is joined by the wonderful Barbora Juhaszova, Global Digital Marketing Lead at SAP Fioneer.

Since the birth of her son, Barbora has been passionate about the support that should be given in the aftermath of birth and the return to work. In today's episode, she shares her thoughts on how companies can be more inclusive and supportive of new parents.

Barbora shares, "let’s not forget that it takes two to become a parent; I don’t think in 2022 we should expect women to still take on the brunt of the responsibilities that come with having a child." 

This is a great episode which we hope many of you will be inspired by. Thank you, Barbora for sharing your passion for inclusion for parents!

Stream the full episode on your chosen platform below.​