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What Does The Era of Convergence Mean To You? | The Era of Convergence Documentary

Published date: 2022/11

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In anticipation of the launch of our upcoming Documentary, The Era of Convergence, we are delighted to share with you a short preview, asking our guests:

What does The Era of Convergence mean to you?

Exploring the impact and potential of this exciting new phase, we learn what it means to those catalysing the merge of Traditional and Decentralised Finance.

Watch the short preview here:

The Era of Convergence Documentary is brought to you by Harrington Starr and The Realization Group.

Featured in this short preview, in order of appearance:

- Wail Azizi, Chief Strategy Officer at Equiduct

- Duncan Trenholme, Co-Head of Digital Assets at TPICAP

- Dr Jane Thomason, Chair of Kasei Holdings & Founder of Global Meta Blockchain

- Charles Kerrigan, Partner at CMS & Board Advisor at Hedgehog

- Steve Grob, Founder at Vision57

- Chris Burke, CEO and Executive Chairman at Brickendon Consulting

- Hirander Misra, Chairman & CEO of GMEX Group

- Sean Kiernan, CEO at Greengage

- Kenzy Goodwin, Partner at Finceler8 Limited

- Erica Stanford, Founder and CEO of Crypto Curry Club

- Simon Barnby, CMO at Archax

- Professor Mohammad M. Ali, University of East London

- Katharine Wooller, Managing Director Uk and Europe at Daxci

- Olaf Ransome, Founder of 3C Advisory

- Toby Babb, CEO and Founder of Harrington Starr Group

Official Release Date of The Era of Convergence Documentary: Monday 28th November 2022

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