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The Era of Convergence | Tracing the Merge of Traditional and Decentralised Finance

Published date: 2022/11

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The Era of Convergence: Tracing the Origins, the Emergence, the Convergence and the Future of Traditional and Decentralised Finance

In as dynamic a landscape as financial services, change is undoubtedly synonymous with the industry. But this next phase of finance, The Era of Convergence, is change of an incomparable nature.

Harrington Starr and The Realization Group are delighted to bring you The Era of Convergence Documentary. We trace the transformative merge of Traditional and Decentralised Finance, engaging with the thoughts and experiences of those driving this new era for finance and technology.

What does the future of finance hold? Will Decentralised Finance become the new infrastructure underpinning financial markets? Will we all be banking in the Metaverse in a new Web3 world?

The Era of Convergence is the highly demanded exposé that addresses these pressing questions, and equips us with the knowledge and tools to seize the opportunities of our new reality.

Watch The Era of Convergence Documentary now on YouTube: