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The Era of Convergence | Documentary Trailer

Published date: 2022/11

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​The Era of Convergence - A Documentary brought to you by Harrington Starr and The Realization Group

The whole notion of what constitutes banking and finance is being turned on its head. So, what exactly does the future of finance look like?

In this documentary, we speak to leading experts across both traditional and decentralised finance, to expose the inner dynamics and palpable turbulence that are making The Era of Convergence such a topical, global conversation.

We trace the origins, the emergence, the convergence, and look to the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Is the convergence sustainable? Can crypto-currencies co-exist with traditional finance?

Become privy to the inner workings of a whole new world that will redefine how we engage with money and interact with banks.

Watch the trailer here: