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Automating Finance with Corporate Quitters | FInTech Focus TV with Nick Root, CEO of Intergiro

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2022/11

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​Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV. Today, Toby is delighted to be joined by the fantastic Nick Root, CEO of Intergiro.

Nick's career started in banking where he worked at two of the world's oldest financial institutions, but for the last 6 years, he has taken the entrepreneurial route with Intergiro.

A curiosity towards the endless potential of the internet–for example, cryptocurrency, Inter-Bank Fund Transfer (IFT), marketplaces, platforms, and "all the usual suspects"– led Nick and his colleagues to build an all-in-one platform offering multi-currency bank accounts, card issuing and card acquiring across Europe.

Nick shares his gratitude for the corporate world and the lessons he learnt along the way. But, as a self-proclaimed misfit, Nick sought to use his technical knowledge to support his creative side and construct innovative new products and services. In this episode, he shares how he made his vision a reality and has accomplished running a remote-first business– even before the pandemic!

You can watch or stream the full episode on your chosen platform below.