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Building Next Generation Integrations | FinTech Focus TV with Jared Broad, CEO and Founder of QuantConnect

Published date: 2022/10

Next Gen Integrations

Joining Toby on this episode of FinTech Focus TV is Jared Broad, CEO and Founder of QuantConnect.

The team at QuantConnect have been on an incredibly driven journey thus far, transforming the potential and efficient of Quant Trading. Their radical, fully-open source philosophy is allowing engineers to better leverage technology in a space that demands it.

Jared takes us back to the rather humble beginnings of QuantConnect. The less glitzy side of the founding lifestyle (sleeping on sofas, intensive funding rounds, international demands) underpins the success of the business now; and we are reminded to not shy from the turbulence, but realise it's a necessary learning curve, and the source of your drive.

We are offered an exclusive look at the future of QuantConnect, and Jared's predictions for the space it serves. With the recent acquisition of further funding, there is still so much in store for this brilliant business.

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