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Building a Community of Independents | FinTech Focus TV with Mike and Des of Portabl

Published date: 2022/10

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Joining Toby in our studio for this episode of FinTech Focus TV is Mike Minett and Des Matthewman, Co-Founders of Portabl.

The face and future of work is changing rapidly, at Mike and Des are at the fore of this change. They share with us the founding journey of Portabl, and the work they are doing to build a community of independents across a plethora of professional verticals.

We gain an exclusive insight into the offerings of Portabl- from their focus on wellbeing to their invaluable guidance being offered to those outside the boundaries of the "traditional" workforce. We need to begin accepting that freelancers and a workforce with a portfolio of roles is developing- and so it's time to implement the necessary support structures for this community.

And community is the central theme of this episode. Mike and Des are creating a community of independents, and we all have a responsibility to support them.

Thank you Mike and Des for joining us on FinTech Focus TV!

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