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Securing Tomorrow's Hub of Innovation | FinTech Focus TV with Roei Samuel, CEO and Founder of Connectd

Published date: 2022/09

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Joining Toby in the FinTech Focus TV Studio is Roei Samuel, CEO and Founder of Connectd.

To all founders out there, no matter where you are in your journey, this episode is for you. Roei provides us with a masterclass on the mentality, approach and drive that lies behind every founding journey.

Given current marketplace climates and emerging uncertainty, conservatism creeps in and opportunities become seemingly sparse. But in Roei's conversation with Toby, we're reminded how we can become more opportunistic. From the obvious of ensuring you have an exceptional team by your side, to the more unconventional admittance that founders require a certain degree of delusion, Roei imparts his knowledge on dealing with turbulent times.

And the pair explore the current state of funding. Again, that uncertainty is making funds more sparse, but it is out there. What does it take for a business to acquire it?

Thank you Roei for joining us on FinTech Focus TV! 

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