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Leadership Drives Culture & Culture Drives Performance | FFTV with Craig Cecilio of DiversyFund

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/09


On the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV, we talk to Craig Cecilio, CEO and founder of DiversyFund, about what it takes to build a company from the ground up.

Craig's company has been through its fair share of turbulence, but he's come out stronger than ever on the other side. He talks to us about where his company's message comes from, what drove him to start it in the first place, and how he got it where it is today. Plus: the main lessons that allowed for growth over a difficult period; taking advantage of opportunities; "leadership drives culture and culture drives performance"; coming out of the pandemic realising how important having no turnover is; building that culture out was very important; counted towards a huge part of the success of the business.

We also talk about what's next for DiversyFund—investment/investors funding rounds, basic fundamentals…and top tips on how you can thrive in this market!

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