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The FinTech Surge Podcast with Nadia Edwards-Dashti

Author: Alexandra White

Published date: 2022/08

Nads Fin Tech Surge

Join Nadia on the FinTech Surge Podcast, discussing how we can build opportunities for Women in FinTech.

Nadia recently joined Steven Besse on the FinTech Surge Podcast, sharing her thoughts on how the FinTech space can collaborate better, expand opportunities, and invest in their people.

We explore the expansive initiatives Nadia has driven and grown throughout her time in the marketplace, providing platforms and advocating for those typically underrepresented in Financial Services. From The DEI Discussions to The 19% List, there is something we can all invest in to #walkthetalk for change.

And with FinTech Surge hosting an event in October, the pair discuss how events have evolved to reflect changing priorities in the marketplace. With an emphasis on collaboration, we are witnessing a new era of growth that will empower business to make better people decisions.

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