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Reimagining the Regulatory Space | FinTech Focus TV with Chris Burke, CEO of Brickendon Consulting

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/08

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Joining Toby in the FinTech Focus TV Studio is Chris Burke, CEO of Brickendon Consulting.

The regulatory landscape is currently manic, to put it lightly. With increased digital transformation, the fallback of Brexit, and subsequent increased regulatory changes, firms such as Brickendon have never been more relevant.

Despite a stigma sometimes existing around consulting, the USP that Brickendon can bring to the table is transformative. With a model that differs from the norm, and delivers results that will allow you to rise above the turbulence, we gain an exclusive look at a firm reimagining the regulatory space.

We gain an insight into the firm itself; from their global culture to their post-Covid learns, Chris shares how the firm is ensuring it is best poised amidst the turbulence.

Thank you Chris for joining us on FinTech Focus TV!​

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