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Marketing Team Special | The Recruitment Round-Up with Nadia

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/08

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​We're bringing you a special episode of The Recruitment Round-Up as Nadia is joined by our Marketing Team: Georgia, Lydia and Alexandra!

Following on from the launch of our most successful magazine to date, Nadia discusses with the team the vision that lay behind this edition, and the planning, strategy and people that helped ensure The Financial Technologist became the ultimate industry playbook.

We also get to explore The 19% List. From its inception to the revealing evolution the initiative has undergone, Nadia and the team share what it means to see The 19% List grow in such an impactful way. And we celebrate the faces across the industry that are walking the talk and helping us to move the needle.

And what's next? With our marketing campaigns and strategies recently being shortlisted as finalists in the Global Recruiter Awards, Georgia, Lydia and Alexandra tell us what they have planned to maintain this exciting momentum: a sneak peek at upcoming events; preparations for The Top 1% Workplace Awards; and new ventures for a team going from strength to strength.

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