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How Does Passion Impact your Business? | The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Nadia

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2022/08

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​Welcome back to this week's Recruitment Round-Up. Toby is back from his holiday and excited to join Nadia to talk about the recent week in the FinTech world. 

Taking time away from your business to then return with a fresh perspective can be hugely beneficial for your strategy. Whilst on holiday, Toby took time to engage with new perspectives, reading a plethora of books that have broadened his understanding of high performance, organisation, and excellence.

"Relentless" is a term that crops up a lot and is often seen as negative, but Toby argues that "relentless is also about the pursuit of perfection, of being great.  I think within that, that’s got to be fuelled; you can’t be “relentless” at anything unless you’re passionate about what you’re doing." 

The pair discuss how passion drives high performance as Nadia elaborates on conversations she has with hiring managers who struggle to retain talent. She encourages interviewers to reflect on if they're looking to catch someone out or to bring out the best of them in an interview. There is a key difference that can totally transform the dynamic of the conversation.

Finally, the two are thrilled to share exciting news about upcoming partnerships, including with FinTech Merge, FinTech Connect and more.

We've also started planning for our next edition of the Financial Technologist which is all about our annual Top 1% Workplace Awards. We're opening our applications this week, so be sure to reach out to us and apply/nominate firms who you think deserve some recognition!

You can stream the entire conversation below.