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FinTech's Three Generational Opportunities | Fintech Focus TV Mark Beeston, Illuminate Financial

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/07

Mark Beeston Website 01

On this episode of FinTech Focus TV, Toby is delighted to welcome back Mark Beeston, Founder and Managing Partner at Illuminate Financial Management.

With macroeconomics shifting at rates that we have never seen before, Mark joins us on the show to share his key insights into the current and upcoming market.

We gain an exclusive look at what a good business model consists of, and the type of people who are ready to fuel those successful journeys. With important advice for companies who are looking for investors, Mark reveals all you need to know to achieve sustainable growth.

If you are at Seed or A Level and are seeking advice or are simply interested in venture capital, investors, business solutions, the talent shortage or great resignation- you don't want to miss this episode!

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