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Current Market Conditions Impacting FinTech | The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Nadia

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/07

Rru Blog 07

Welcome back to another episode of The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Nadia, where today we discuss the current market conditions, inspired by our upcoming magazine release, The Financial Technologist. 

As Toby gained a sneak peek of our upcoming magazine, the pair share their excitement for the release on Monday 25th July. This issue is a definitive guide to building an empowered industry, and Toby and Nadia discuss some key topics as we look at what the future of the industry looks like. 

It's an extraordinary market at the moment as we are seeing a huge amount of innovation, meaning that hiring and retaining talent has never been more prioritised by employers and Toby and Nadia tell us what employers should be doing to stand out in this competitive space. 

We also hear Toby and Nadia's learns for the week, and congratulations to this week's Starr's, Hannah Chowdhury and Ben Owen!

Thank you for tuning into another episode of The Recruitment Round-Up.​

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