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Becoming a FinTech Unicorn | FinTech Focus TV with Ali Mashoofi, CEO and Co-Founder of Alfo Deep Tech

Published date: 2022/07

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We're back in the FinTech Focus Studio, and this time Toby is delighted to welcome Ali Mashoofi, CEO and Co-Founder of Alfo Deep Tech to the Show.

Ali and his team have founded a truly impressive business that is breaking access barriers to transformative AI technology, catalysing development across our industry at an impressive space.

Providing unique solutions to global clientele, Ali shares how they have been able to instil confidence in people that their new product can outperform the tried and tested pieces. In a landscape where change is inevitable, it can still be difficult to truly embed that change- but Ali reveals the approach and mindsets that Alfo Deep Tech to swiftly impact the industry.

We also learn what it takes to become a FinTech Unicorn, and what is next for this truly impressive firm.

Thank you for joining us Ali!

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