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Scaling up UK Growth with Aquis Exchange | FinTech Focus with Alasdair Haynes, CEO of Aquis Exchange PLC

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/07

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​We're back in the FinTech Focus Studio, and this time Toby is delighted to welcome Alasdair Haynes, CEO of Aquis Exchange PLC, to the show.

Alasdair and his team have built a truly impressive business, one that is handing over a legacy to the next generation of our industry. Alasdair explains why they have assumed the role of  'a next-generation stock exchange'- a role they execute by embedding change and fighting industry stigmas.

We are also exposed to the world of FinTech Unicorns, and the investment opportunities that come with this. And Alasdair shares how Aquis are using these new investments to reinvent trading, catalyse growth and better engage with expanding public markets.

Thank you for joining us Alasdair!

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