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Unlocking Post-Trade Efficiency | FinTech Focus TV with Alastair Rutherford, Managing Director at Ascendant Strategy

Published date: 2022/06

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Toby is joined by Alastair Rutherford, Managing Director at Ascendant Strategy, on this episode of FinTech Focus TV.

Ascendant Strategy was established to truly maximise and embed efficiency into the Post-Trade process. The Pandemic revealed flaws in this space; and as FinTech acceleration continued, Post-Trade was placed under increasing demand to keep-up.

Alastair's approach to business allows him to build a solution with the intricate needs of clients in mind. Business doesn't always need to be sales orientated; instead place a focus on authentic relationships that will entrench reflective collaboration and better the entire industry.

Citing numerous industry front-runners and the work they have done to better their efficiency and impact the industry, Alastair exposes us to the brilliant actuality of his conversation with Toby. Thank you Alastair for joining us on this eye-opening episode of FinTech Focus TV!

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