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The Maternity and Paternity Stories of FinTech | Christian Zeiler-Muñiz, General Manager US at Luno

Author: Alexandra White

Published date: 2022/06

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We're delighted to bring you a new episode of The Maternity and Paternity Stories of FinTech! And this time Nadia is joined by Christian Zeiler-Muñiz, General Manager US at Luno.

Each episode of this series is an eye-opening exploration of a topical issue- and Christian's discussions with Nadia doesn't stray from this trend. Christian shares his personal paternity story, offering us a revealing look at the early conflict between parenthood, work, and the guilt on both sides. 

DE&I conversations tend to focus on levelling the playing field, and Christian applies this to the maternity and paternity experience too. We look at the conscious efforts we need to take to ensure hiring and onboarding parents (at every stage of the parenting journey) is reflective of and empathetic towards sometimes difficult situations.

We get an exclusive look at the culture of Luno, and how this is proactively supporting parents. And Christian shares the policies and practices we can all replicate to better our businesses.

Let's Listen. Let's Learn. Let's Walk the Talk.

Listen to their full conversation below.

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