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That Wow Factor | The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Nadia

Published date: 2022/06

That Wow Factor 08

We're bringing you the wow factor on this episode of The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Nadia!

Inspired by Nadia's trip to Money 20/20 in Amsterdam this week, the pair discuss industry shocks and changing headwinds. Having moderated a panel on "The Great Resignation", Nadia and Toby look at what this means for firms and why the lack of a single solution isn't actually such a bad thing.

We get the eye-opening learns Nadia took from Money 20/20; from transparency to addressing the skills shortage on a global scale, a trip to Amsterdam gave us exposure to a world of new mindsets and opportunities.

And we close with our exciting happenings and celebrate the Starr's of the Week (congratulations to Hari Sopal and Stephen Turkington!).

Stream the full podcast below