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Nadia's Women of FinTech | Lesley Li, CEO and Co-Founder of u impact

Published date: 2022/06

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On this episode of the ground-breaking Women of FinTech Podcast, Nadia is joined by Lesley Li, CEO and Co-Founder of u impact.

The pair initially met in 2019 when Lesley was beginning her founder and investment journey- and the developments since then have been incredible!

After over a decade in banking, Lesley shares what made her reconsider her career path and reject the short-term thinking of the industry- and exchange it for one driven by mission, value and purpose.

u impact has a fascinating story and has a truly exciting future. Lesley's honesty around taking the leap of faith to start u impact is eye-opening, and we are reminded of what it takes to kickstart an idea: Curiosity, Courageousness, Obsession and Persistence.

Thank you Lesley for joining us on the show! You can stream the full episode on all major podcast streaming platforms below.

And listen on all other streaming platforms here.