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Always Be Present: A Manual for Networking | FinTech Focus TV with Chaim Hack, Head of Business Development at Coremont

Published date: 2022/06

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We return to the FinTech Focus Studio, and this time Toby is joined by Chaim Hack, Head of Business Development at Coremont.

Chaim will be familiar to many across the industry, being a prominent and successful networker, building fruitful relationships across the space. This has served him well since joining Coremont, and his innate personable nature has aided the business in growing from strength to strength.

We gain a better understanding of Coremont's position in the marketplace, and the people and technology strategies they are deploying to give them a competitive edge.

This is a truly fantastic episode- thank you for joining us Chaim!

And we can't wait to see Coremont expand on their thoughts in the upcoming edition of The Financial Technologist!

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