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What's in it for me? | The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Nadia

Published date: 2022/05

Web Blog Rru 9 5 07

"If we're looking after our people better, we're less likely to lose them from the industry."

On this episode of The Recruitment Round-Up, Toby and Nadia bring clarity to the reasons people are leaving their roles in the FinTech space.

With the average tenure in the industry being only 13 months (!!!), firms are facing a growing issue around retaining and finding the best people. Why are technologists moving at such pace?

Recent reports have revealed that the answers range from money to career progression opportunities- so what does a comprehensive organisational response to this look like? Toby and Nadia shed light on the strategies and mindsets firms can be adopting to reverse the growing talent struggle in our space.

It's been refreshing to see so many recent industry events bring this issue to light, particularly through the lens of DE&I. Nadia reflects on her recent marketplace engagements that have seen her visit Parliament, Universities, and major industry players, speaking about what firms can do to entrench their commitment to nurturing talent.

And we close with our favourite, moments, quotes, lessons, and of course Starr's of the Week (Congratulations to Oliver Silver, Con Lam, and Nadia!).

Stream their conversation here.