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Hire People Who Will Raise Your Average | The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Rob

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2022/05

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"The Buzz Continues, The Momentum Continues."

Welcome back to another episode of the Recruitment Round-Up where Toby and Rob discuss the past week from our new office in New York City.

​Both Toby and Rob agree that New York has certainly bounced back from the days of the pandemic, especially after meeting with clients and discussing exciting partnerships. Watch this space!

They also got to finally meet Adam Mills, our new general manager in NYC, in person and celebrated the US team's growth with a visit to a Yankees game.🎉

Rob and Toby continue to discuss the market's movement in favour of the candidate and address how businesses can focus on hiring people who will raise the company's average.

"We’ve moved away from 'spot filling'; it’s a partnership, it’s an advisory piece. It’s about  collaborating with clients and having a dialogue about what we need to do to get them the best talent." 

Stream their conversation below.