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Events Are Back! | The Recruitment Round-Up With Toby and Nadia

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/05

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Welcome back to a new episode of The Recruitment Round-Up with Toby and Nadia!

This week we hear from the jet setters themselves, as Toby returns from Tradetech in Paris and Nadia plans her trip to Amsterdam for Money 20|20. With events returning after more than two years, the pair discuss how much value they add to our industry at such an innovative time. We also celebrate meeting colleagues, clients and friends for the first time!

"Talent to me is the differentiator within the marketplace" - a key topic discussed throughout this podcast. Technology innovation works with great people and the pair go into detail on what makes a difference when retaining or hiring talent. "It isn't just about attracting talent, but it's about making sure we look after people". 

Nadia talks about her upcoming event at Money 20|20 and discusses the exciting panel that she is going to moderate. They will highlight conversations, connections and unparalleled discoveries, so keep an eye out for Nadia in Amsterdam, 9th June @ 1:30pm.

And finally, Toby and Nadia end with a quickfire round of questions which includes their starrs of the week, congratulations Ryan W and Ryan K!

Stream their conversation below.

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