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Mapping Growth with Data

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/04

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​On this episode of FinTech Focus TV, we are joined in our London studio by Christopher Murphy, CEO of Ediphy. 

Ediphy is a firm upholding industry integrity, and Chris gives us an exclusive look at how himself and the team are working with transparency and trust at the fore. With a focus on data, Chris shares how the firm explore different areas and the aspects behind it. 

Having new products and innovation in the space, Toby and Chris also discuss key problems clients face in a competitive market, with impressive solutions that Ediphy offer to support clients and help them achieve the best end outcomes. 

We gain a range of exclusive highlights from Chris, including topics such as investment banking, capital markets and new tech, you don't want to miss out!

Watch the full episode on YouTube, or stream on all major podcasting platforms via the links below.​