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Attracting, Nurturing and Investing in Talent | The Recruitment Round-up

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2022/04

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When you hear the word talent what do you think about?🎙

On this week's episode of the Recruitment Round-up, Toby and Nadia discuss the importance of attracting, nurturing and investing in the best talent. 

The pair reveal what themselves and the team at Harrington Starr are doing to walk the talk and encourage great talent to stay within our industry.

Bringing recent success stories and learns to the show, Toby and Nadia share why we need to create and grow our own talent with a focus on many different processes. 

We also turn internally and reveal our Starrs of the Week (shoutout to our world-class team Charlie Todd and Barry Ansell), as well as highlighting the impressive Wednesday Workshop from Alfie Harris and James Platt!

And remember, we're hiring! Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about joining us, or know someone ready to unlock their potential:

Anthony Mills < LinkedIn

Stream their conversation below.

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