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Next Generation Adaptation: FIX EMEA Trading Conference | FinTech Focus TV

Published date: 2022/03

Fix Blog

On FinTech Focus TV, Toby was delighted to welcome Dr. Robert Barnes and Rachel Przybylski- both speakers at the FIX EMEA Trading Conference 2022.

Dr. Robert and Rachel discuss the important topic of 'the face of the future workforce' as they provide elaborated on their thoughts given at the conference.

Their experience is complemented by their brilliant advice as they help us explore what managers can do to adapt their current workforce to meet the needs of the next generation. And from this what skills we need to retain from the current industry eco-structure to best transition to the future workforce.

Dr. Robert and Rachel also expand on the importance of human capital in capital markets and how Financial Services successfully compete with Silicon Valley to attract and retain talent.

Thank you Dr. Robert and Rachel for joining us on the show- it was an insightful conversation and we can't wait to hear the full discussion at the event tomorrow!

Watch the full episode here: