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An Introduction to The DEI Discussions

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An Introduction to The DEI Discussions

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2021/09

The Dei Discussions (1)

At Harrington Starr, we are constantly working to make the financial services a more inclusive space through the dynamic work we do. Nadia Edwards-Dashti, our Chief Customer Officer, is spearheading this effort. We recently caught up with her to explore the brilliant work she is doing to walk the talk for change across the entire industry.

I wanted to share with you the work we are doing to help drive a more inclusive industry through our work in building more inclusive workplaces.

We have been raising awareness and presenting actionable change workflows through our podcasts, our blogs, magazines, social media and I will have a book published early next year called “The FinTech Women who Walk the Talk: driving change for workplace gender equality.”

We plan on walking the talk ourselves and taking strides forward through measurability and data. Polls, surveys and RFIs will be shared to help us gather better knowledge of who we know and interact with. It will also to allow for you to understand the dynamic of this marketplace and in turn allow for me to drive change whilst being able to measure progress.

My audio journey revolves around, "FinTech with Nadia: The DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Discussions." This is a series of Podcasts which were created with purpose. I want to educate, raise awareness, empower and inspire the industry through real lessons and storytelling. I have loved celebrating the people within our industry and cannot wait to interview more.

These discussions cover four main areas and are a series within their own rights:

  • The Women of Fintech Podcast- I have interviewed over 150 women in leadership within the FinTech community

  • The Humans of Fintech Podcast- We explore that DEI isn’t only a gender issue, there is so much more to be done

  • The Talent Surgery- I interview the people behind the people strategies, ensuring that environments are best set up for safety, inclusion and therefore success

  • The Maternity and Paternity Stories of Fintech- My ground-breaking series where we share experiences and best practice

You can stay up-to-date with Nadia’s pioneering work, and get the latest from the ground-breaking DEI Discussions Podcast Series, by following our dedicated LinkedIn Page:

And get in touch today to see how we can work to make your business a more inclusive space: