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Contrast Security launches ‘Contrast Scan’ – application security platform for financial services

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2021/06


On Thursday 10th June, Contrast Security will announce the release of ‘Contrast Scan’, the DevSecOps platform empowering financial services’ security teams to run scans up to 10x faster and fix vulnerabilities that matter up to 45x faster.

The launch comes at a time where 98% of financial services companies say they have experienced at least three successful application exploits in the past year.

Key points from the release

  • Contrast Scan uses ‘pipeline-native static analysis’ to analyse code and detect vulnerabilities early on in the software development life cycle (SDLC)

    • Contrast has worked on and developed its unique ‘pipeline native’ approach meaning it streamlines code analysis, finding vulnerabilities as they happen   

Why now?

  • Recent findings from Contrast Security’s the State of application security in financial services report found:

    • Only 15% report application security and development tools are fully integrated

    • 64% say that application security processes slow release cycles at least some of the time

    • Each vulnerability currently takes 10 hours of security team time and 10 hours of developer time to remediate for a majority of respondents

  • Contrast Scan is the answer, offering businesses revolutionary application security as we enter the new hybrid future of work