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Sales Leaders in Tech Virtual Round Table Part III

Author: James Hounslow

Published date: 2020/05

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On Monday, I had the great pleasure of hosting another in my series of great conversation with top sales leaders from the tech industry. We cover two very important topics that all sales leaders should be thinking about right now to help move their sales team and business forward: how to win new logos and how to maximise your network to open the right doors for you right now. 

The discussion was insightful from the off as they looked at the different ways they could get the attention of new clients and get them to take notice of them. Creating that demand for your product that the buyer did not know they needed was a challenge for many in a market where your main source of information sharing would be tradeshows and conferences. 

However now, when the world is confined to their homes in many cases, how do we create the demand? Social selling was discussed, getting the right content out to the right people, we had seen some great success from webinars on a large scale, but also on a small niche scale with such a captive audience. What the leaders agreed on is that now, more than ever, the sales teams had to know who held the purse string and made the decision, but also who influenced the decision maker. These individuals needed to be found, sorted, and targeted with the right information. It’s very clear the partnership with marketing would now need to be stronger than ever with relevant content created every day. 

A product that is fit for purpose was also spoken about, which resonated amongst everyone on the call. What were considered great products pre-Covid may not be what people need now. Should you be pivoting your offering rethinking what your tech can do, to be useful?

The biggest take away I took from this was using your clients to help you open new doors. If you have done a great job and proved ROI with a customer, why wouldn’t they talk to someone else in their network to open a door for you? I think this is massive and something that is overlooked. We do get references, yes, and we provide them to potential new clients to help us get deals over the line.  Have we asked a client to recommend us to someone in their network who could use the same value that they found from your product? That is a hugely strong message and one I cannot help but feel will definitely help everyone win new business and it’s right in front of us.​