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A story about me - Tim Dobie

Author: Tim Dobie

Published date: 2019/06

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I started financial markets based technology recruitment in January 2007, a few months before the credit crunch err...crunched. Back then I was working 90% of my time on finding Microsoft stack software developers for tier 1 investment banks. In 2008/9/10, I was one of the lucky ones because we worked with Barcap and Credit Suisse who hired throughout the downturn. After leaving Hays I worked in more startup environments working on a wide variety of roles within Fintech which was a good learning process, I did a stint in commodities trading tech at Earthstream whilst oil was at $120/barrel, which was again an interesting learning process, especially when oil went from $120 to $20 in a short space of time. It was amazing how quickly that market changed, it meant that we had to adapt quickly also.

Throughout these years I was working with essentially the same group of people at a few different organisations, and when a short startup stint with my original boss came to an end when he moved to Dubai, I decided to go and find a totally new set of people to work with, learn from, and perhaps influence. I took some advice from a few people who are well connected in the London Fintech recruiting space, having interviewed at a few places, Harrington Starr became the obvious choice: the company is growing, ambitious, accomplished, has a great client list and the leadership team are inspirational, challenging and helpful. I felt like I could learn some new skills here whilst utilising what I have, this turned out to be true.

I started at Harrington Starr in Q4 2016, the move turned out to be a very good one, the company will challenge you to become a complete and consistent recruiter, to grow your personal brand, to gain market knowledge and know-how to utilise it effectively, to win and grow long term client and candidate relationships and to have fun whilst doing so!

I am now responsible for the, sql, python and JavaScript recruitment efforts here, we have a very strong client list and job flow and I am looking to grow even just to be able to satisfy current client demand, let alone grow our reach further. I suppose the reason I have written this piece is to advertise the fact that I am hiring, hopefully this gives a little bit of an insight into me, Harrington Starr and the opportunity here for a recruiter who is looking for something new and exciting. Oh, and our commission goes up to 40% in short order once you start doing deals, I can give you more insight into that if you get in touch ;-).