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What is going on in the world of financial markets-based software development in London?

Author: Tim Dobie

Published date: 2019/05

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Brexit uncertainty, EU going bust, Trump kicking up a stink, climate crisis, etc, etc, etc. – to many, the world looks pretty shaky at present and in many ways it probably is. Historically, this sort of sentiment has meant one thing for fintech recruitment – no hiring. However, at present the Harrington Starr team “open jobs” list is full of a vibrant spectrum of opportunities. We have very well-funded growth phase startups who are growing from perhaps 30 heads to 60 this year. We have early-stage startups completing seed funding rounds and wanting to grow their teams rapidly. We have Hedge Fund services startups who have already made significant numbers of hires this year and continue to do so. We have established stalwarts of the sector, be it Investment Banks or Major Hedge Funds, Asset Managers or software houses unveiling new projects and hiring in earnest to meet demand.

Technology is marching forwards despite what we see on the news every day, the ‘architects of the new world’ are building systems to try to improve the way we live, the power of the gains available for those who are successful in this quest seems to outweigh any fear of political or economic uncertainty. London has apparently overtaken San Francisco for technology investment recently which, if true, is quite something considering what has come out of that part of the world over the last decade.

My message is, if you are a software developer in London and you are worried about the marketplace due to what you see on the news at present, don’t let that hold you back, don’t sit in a boring or non-progressive job just because it feels safe. If you do that you will get left behind. The tech world is moving very fast, faster than at any time in the 12 years since I started working in FS tech recruitment in London, so be part of it, get involved in something new, something exciting, something that will make a difference to the world.

We are working on loads of opportunities just like that so please get in touch!